The Six Things That You Need For Your Wedding Planning

1. Wedding Planner: The truth is that many people would not think about how much a wedding arrangement can take. Those who love and can see more things at once can easily organize their wedding, but who does not have many difficulties faced during the wedding and the big day. It is enough to take a look at something and you may already have stress on the big day. For example, the ceremony leader is not informed of exactly where to arrive or 65 people instead of the planned 50 guests are coming to the wedding?

Wedding Planner
Bride and Me

And do not forget that nowadays a wedding organizer is priceless. She/he has enough experience and knowledge to take away organizational tasks from your shoulders so you can enjoy the Big Day.

2. Wedding Date: After the engagement, in most cases, the couple plan to name the wedding date. It is very important to have this date as soon as possible, since you can send “save the date” postcards to family members / friends.

Wedding Calendar
Wedding Day – Calendar

3. Wedding Venue: After setting the date, the next milestone is the selection of the wedding venue. Here you have to decide whether or not the Vintage Garden or the Buda Castle, or a fabulous 5-star Hotel Ballroom, is to imagine our wedding day. So we need to quickly bring the important 2 factors to DATE and VENUE and to start making reservations.

Wedding ceremony
Photo: Tamás Lékó

4. Wedding Budget: If you are planning on the big day of your dreams, you should first look at the cost. How much do we want to spend on our wedding? This, of course, depends on many factors: how many people are invited, what kind of venue we choose, what kind of catering service and what entertainment program we will be able to cure the atmosphere of the evening. In the beginning, we plan what we want and for what – how much would we spend in our hearts. This is also a great help from the existing knowledge and experience of a wedding organizer.

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5. Wedding Photographer: When we are on the list of providers we want to ask for our wedding day, do not forget about the Photographer. Many years later, what good feelings are for the moments of one of our most beautiful days of life. A wedding photographer can catch the self-forgotten moments that bring us beautiful memories and proudly show them to the future generation. I like couples to recommend photographers who work together with a video. So you’re getting a movie shot from the wedding at the same time.

Wedding day
Photo: Margo Basarab

6. Wedding Task List: It is absolutely necessary to create a task list that will help us to follow what to do (invitation to send, booking of DJs, menu selection, cake tasting, decoration selection etc.) during our wedding ceremony. This list includes the tasks, responsibilities of the task and its deadline. The task list is an indispensable item for the event organizer 🙂

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I hope you find the post useful. I’ll be coming with my other tips soon! Follow me!