The six essential things to consider when planning your Big Day!

1. Wedding Planner: The truth is that many people completely underestimate fully how much time planning a wedding can actually take. For some people, planning their own wedding is all part of the experience of getting married, but for many, engaging the services of a professional & experienced wedding planner can make all the difference between feeling stressed or thoroughly relaxed and able to enjoy your Big Day.  And let’s face it, who does not experience problems planning their dream wedding or worse still, experience problems on the actual day itself. By choosing to plan your wedding with an experienced and dedicated wedding planner, much of the stress and worry often associated with planning your Big Day can be removed and you can arrive for your wedding feeling relaxed, refreshed & confident that there is someone looking after all your wedding day arrangements, leaving you to fully enjoy yourself and make memories that will last for a lifetime.

Wedding Planner
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In fact, engaging the services of wedding planner with the experience and knowledge to make your dream wedding come true is now seen as priceless and definitely worth the investment to help you avoid all the usual pitfalls and to create the most memorable day of your life.

2. Wedding Date: Following the excitement of announcing your engagement, in most cases, the couple plan to name the wedding date soon after. It is very important to decide on  this date as soon as possible, since  this then allows to send “save the date” reminders to family members and friends.

Wedding Calendar
Wedding Day – Calendar

3. Wedding Venue: After deciding on the wedding date, the next milestone is the selection of a wedding venue. The choices can be overwhelming and most often venues are booked up well in advance. So, whether you have your heart set on Vintage Garden, the Buda Castle, Fisherman’s Bastion or a fabulous 5-star hotel ballroom, it’s important to get the venue reserved as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Working with an experienced wedding planner can help to secure your preferred venue and date, given that we are constantly in contact with these venues and have preferential access when making reservations.

Wedding ceremony
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4. Wedding Budget: Another major consideration when planning the Big Day of your dreams, should be setting an affordable budget. How much do you want to spend on your wedding? This, of course, depends on many factors: how many people you intend to invite, what type of venue you would like to choose, what catering services you will require and what entertainment programme you would like to have on the evening of the wedding. From the very beginning a good wedding planner will help you plan what you want and what the likely cost implications would be. We can also provide additional inspiration and ideas based on our previous experience and of course, we have the necessary contacts to bring your heart’s desire to fruition. Once again, engaging the services of a dedicated & experienced wedding planner will be the difference between a good wedding and a great wedding!

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5. Wedding Photographer: One of the most important decisions when planning your wedding is the choice of Photographer. It’s so important to choose someone who you can rely on to provide you with the most beautiful memories of your Big Day, someone who can capture those ’special’ moments during the day that will remain lifelong memories to treasure forever! Working with an experienced and reputable wedding planner who can suggest a photographer most suitable to your wedding and someone with who you can build a trusting relationship. An experienced wedding photographer can truly bring the magic of the occasion to life and catch those often forgotten moments that bring us so much happiness when looking back on the Big Day! Personally, I like to recommend the combination of both a photographer & a videographer to work together to provide a memorable record of your wedding day.

Wedding day
Photo: Margo Basarab

6. Wedding Task List: Finally, it is an absolute necessity to create a comprehensive task list that will help you through the wedding planning process. This list should include every task responsibilities for making sure that every element of your dream wedding is planned to perfection and highlights important deadlines/milestones within this planning period. An experienced wedding planner will help make this process seamless and will act as your personal guide from deciding the wedding venue through to ensuring everything runs smoothly on your Big Day! This task list is an indispensable item for any respectable event organiser.

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I hope you find the post useful. I’ll be coming with my other tips soon! Follow me!